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17 October 2007 @ 06:58 pm
Tutorial #006  
Icon Tutorial 006
Emma Watson


*** All tutorials belong to me and are created and written by me; credit is not required, but do not claim as your own! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me: leleah[at]keepitpumpin.net
*** Please also note that while I've created this tutorial, it's not guaranteed to work for everyone. It will most likely vary from picture to person; I've simply created a good color scheme that I hope people will like. A slight adjustment in Hue/Saturation, Brightness/Constrast and even the layers themselves might help for the people who didn't get the result. Also, it helps if your image at least somewhat good quality, although this can fixed. Enjoy! ;)
*** (Tutorial 6; Icon 6) Please make sure that while you're trying out this tutorial, that your image as some sort of yellow/pinkish color, and of course yellow/orange/red. Else, it would be pointless to try it. Like I've said many times before, it'd also help a whole lot if you play around with the settings. It's always different for everybody. xD

STEP 001

Duplicate your base and set it to Screen 30%.
(*** Tip: This setting is a definite must, but if it's too bright/too dark, try lowering the opacity or duplicating the layer. I've also had to duplicate it once more and set the second layer to a 20% opacity.)
STEP 002

Go to Layer>>New Adjustment Layer>>Color Balance and use these setttings:

SHADOWS: 19, 16, -2
MIDTONES: -67, -95, -49
HIGHLIGHTS: -1, 4, 23
STEP 003

Create four new layers, and fill the layers with the following colors (with the settings) in order:

#1C0000 - Exclusion 100%
#BEB15C - Color Burn 40% (Or "Burn" for PSP users)
#ECECEC - Color Burn 50% (Or "Burn" for PSP users)
#62B194 - Color Burn 10% (Or "Burn" for PSP users)
STEP 004

Go to Layer>>New Adjustment Layer>>Hue/Saturation and use these settings:

REDS: 11

Too Bright/Dark? Try playing around with the screen layer, and try use a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer to try to level it out.
Too Pink? Play around with the Hue/Saturation layer, mostly with the Hue's and Saturation's of Reds and Magentas. Uping the saturation of yellows will help, too. You can also try uping the opacity of your screen layer, and duplicating your brown layer with a lowered opacity. ;)